Published Cases

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At McShane & McShane Law Firm, P.A. in Orlando, we have extensive experience in a range of practice areas, including criminal defense, family law, estate planning, civil law, media law and contracts. Below is a list of our reported cases:

  • King v. State, 27 Fla.L.Weekly S563d, also 27 Fla.L.Weekly S538a, also 26 Fla.L.Weekly D1849a
  • Pauli v. DHSMV, 9 Fla.L.Weekly Supp. 267
  • ONeill v. DHSMV, 13 Fla.L.Weekly Supp. 1055a
  • Stodart v. DHSMV, 16 Fla.L.Weekly Supp. 497a
  • State v. Santiago, 16 Fla.L.Weekly Supp 134a
  • State v. Alves, 15 Fla.L.Weekly Supp 1000a
  • Vanbibber v. DHSMV, 13 Fla.L.Weekly Supp 232a
  • Smith v. DHSMV, 11 Fla.L. Weekly Supp 864a
  • Matthews v. DHSMV, 11 Fla.L.Weekly Supp. 517a, also 10 Fla.L.Weekly Supp 666a
  • State v. Saunders, 11 Fla.L.Weekly Supp. 86a
  • Keithley v. State, 8 Fla.L.Weekly Supp. 270c
  • Bryant v. DHSMV, 8 Fla.L.Weekly Supp. 67a
  • Lawton v. DHSMV, 7 Fla.L.Weekly Supp. 768a
  • Elder v. DHSMV, 1 Fla.L.Weekly Supp. 322c

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