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Orlando Mediator Helps Divorcing Couples and Parents to Reach Agreements

Private Florida mediator assists parties in divorce and custody disputes

Divorces and parenting disputes are difficult enough. In most cases, having to hash out personal differences in court only adds to the emotional and financial burden couples already face. At McShane & McShane Law Firm, P.A. in Orlando, Meghan McShane-Davis is a family law mediator, certified by the Florida Supreme Court, who helps divorcing spouses, parents, and others resolve important family issues, including modifications, outside of court and in a private setting. Whether the parties have attorneys or not, with the assistance of a qualified neutral third party mediator, each side can work constructively toward a compromised resolution in a confidential setting. Even when the conflict is bitter, mediation guided by a knowledgeable family law mediator can help you maintain control and privacy.

Certified family law mediator helps spouses and parents avoid unnecessary time and expense

Meghan McShane-Davis has extensive experience on all sides of the family dispute resolution process and can identify innovative ways to break the toughest logjams arising from issues such as:

  • Child custody — Parents of minor children are going to have to collaborate on key decisions for years to come. It is often more beneficial for families when parents are able to reach a co-parenting resolution together, with the help of a neutral mediator, than to “roll the dice” in a pitched courtroom battle. Mediation puts control into the hands of the parents. . Mediator McShane-Davis takes a close look at the specific circumstances of each case and seeks to find common ground  that works for the family as a whole, while considering the children’s needs.
  • Child support — If a dispute arises over information used in a child support calculation or an alleged failure to pay, alternative dispute resolution gives parties a chance to exchange information quickly so the disagreement can be handled efficiently.
  • Asset distribution — Assigning a value to marital assets and reaching an equitable solution can be an arduous task if a court has to examine each item. Mediation encourages an open dialogue so that parties can make practical compromises. Mediator McShane-Davis is able to assist spouses in coming up with creative resolutions, and the mediation process affords the flexibility to do so.
  • Alimony — Conflicts over post-divorce maintenance are often highly disputed. By clearly outlining the relevant Florida standards, a knowledgeable mediator averts unrealistic expectations and fosters an appropriate agreement.

Mediator McShane-Davis can assist in helping parents and spouses to consider all of the relevant issues above and to work creatively and efficiently to reach a comprehensive Mediated Settlement Agreement. Once a full and complete Mediated Settlement Agreement is signed, parents and spouses can rest easy knowing they will not have to face a contentious legal battle in court. Mediator McShane-Davis can mediate cases that are just starting out or cases in which one or both parties are seeking a modification of a prior court order.

If you’re unsure about whether mediation is the right option for you, and you do not have an attorney, call Mediator McShane-Davis today to see if mediation with her is a suitable option. You can learn more about specific benefits such as:

  • Reducing time and expense — Even under the best circumstances, court costs and legal fees can burden both parties for years after the marriage is dissolved or a paternity judgment is entered. In mediation, the parties control the schedule, avoiding unnecessary expense.
  • Maintaining control and privacy — No one wants to have their most intimate issues discussed in open court. Talking things over with professional guidance allows people to communicate candidly and focus on reaching consensus in a private and confidential mediation.
  • Avoiding unnecessary aggravation — Litigation is, by definition, an adversarial process. Mediator McShane-Davis identifies common goals and helps people cooperate to accomplish them.
  • Reaching a resolution that both parties support — A decision that is forced on a divorcing spouse or disputing parents increases the likelihood of lingering anger and disobedience of the court’s orders. After mediation, everyone has a stake in the result.
  • Providing a great option for unrepresented parties — Mediation with Mediator McShane-Davis is a great option for pro se parties, or parties that do not have attorneys. Pro se parties can hire Mediator McShane-Davis for mediation to assist them in reaching a resolution of all pending issues between the parties. Once a full and complete Mediated Settlement Agreement is reached, Mediator McShane-Davis can guide the parties as to how to complete the court process on their own, saving time and reducing expense for the parties.

If you do not have an attorney and you are interested in mediation for your case, don’t hesitate to call Mediator McShane-Davis.

Contact a skillful Florida family law mediator

Orlando Mediator Meghan McShane-Davis of McShane & McShane Law Firm, P.A. mediates divorce cases, paternity cases, modifications, and all other Central Florida family law matters. Certified by the Florida Supreme Court to perform this work, she draws on her experience as an advocate and a neutral third party to find creative, mutually beneficial solutions. Please call 407-648-1500 or contact us online.

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