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Collaborative Family Law & Mediation

Orange County, FL Collaborative Attorney Helps You Resolve Family Law Disputes without Litigation

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If your marriage has broken down, you may think that divorce is your only option. However, by speaking to a knowledgeable family law attorney, you can learn about alternatives to traditional divorce. Our lawyer at McShane & McShane Law Firm, P.A. routinely assists clients with collaborative divorce and mediation divorce in central Florida, including Orange, Seminole and Osceola counties. Our attentive attorney promptly assesses your case, determines if either of these dissolution methods is right for you and guides you through the process of finalizing your separation from your spouse.

What is collaborative family law?

When a family law issue like divorce arises, child custody (known as time-sharing in Florida) or alimony can be dealt with peacefully or through litigation. If you wish to settle your family law dispute cooperatively, the collaborative family law process may be right for you. It starts when you consult with a lawyer. You and the other party each retain an independent legal counsel. After reviewing the issues at hand, both parties then decide on whether to proceed with the collaborative process. If you do choose a collaborative divorce, you and your spouse must sign a participation agreement.

The participation agreement outlines such issues as whether neutral experts are going to be used and how both parties should cooperate in producing relevant documents and materials. The agreement also stipulates that both parties should focus on cooperating and remaining civil to one another. In the event that the collaborative process fails and you require the court’s assistance to resolve your case, you and the other party involved must retain new counsel. This required change of counsel eliminates the threat of litigation during the collaborative process.

What is mediation?

Mediation is similar to collaborative divorce in that it focuses on resolving family law issues through cooperation. The mediation process takes place over the course of several short and informal sessions. Mediation involves a third-party neutral mediator, who keeps you and the other party focused on tackling the issues at hand. Many family law clients in Orange County, FL are attracted to mediation because it is less expensive and time-consuming than traditional divorce.

Furthermore, since mediation takes place in an environment of your choosing, you are able to select a location that is comfortable and geographically close to you and the other party. Mediation is widely chosen over divorce because it also allows you and the other party to have full control over your future. Our attorney, Meghan McShane-Davis, has been trained in family law mediation and can discuss your questions and concerns regarding the process.

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A family law issue can interrupt your life. At McShane & McShane Law Firm, P.A., we sympathize with your situation. Our dedicated family law team works tirelessly toward the quickest and most effective resolution for your case. Contact us online or call 407-648-1500 to schedule a free consultation to speak with our skilled family law attorney today. Se habla español.

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