Most Common Internet Crimes in Florida

Internet crime is a large and continuously growing category of illegal activity. The concept of Internet crime is always evolving, and has become so inclusive that it can be difficult to know where to draw the line between regular, acceptable online activities and activities that could result in criminal charges.

Some of the most common types of Internet crimes in Florida include the following:

  • Phishing
  • Extortion
  • Hacking
  • Sports betting
  • Failure to deliver merchandise
  • Electronic harassment

The laws overseeing these activities are complex, as many of them incorporate activities that may seem legal or justifiable at the time. For instance, electronic harassment may include things like posting a negative review of a business or engaging in a particularly heated argument on a public forum. Gambling online can be legal in a variety of circumstances, but betting on the outcome of sports games may qualify as a federal crime that can result in up to two years in prison.

Federal and state law enforcement agencies have started to aggressively pursue Internet crime convictions throughout the country. While there is a lot of advice available about how to avoid becoming the victim of an Internet crime, there are very few resources for people whose actions may fall into a legal gray area, leaving them vulnerable to legal consequences. 

If you are facing prosecution for engaging in illegal activity on the Internet, it is important to secure legal representation immediately. Laws governing behavior on the web are constantly changing and you need support from an Orlando criminal defense lawyer who is completely informed about the issues surrounding Internet crimes. 

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