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Five Key Benefits of a Collaborative Divorce

A divorce can be a highly stressful ordeal for everybody involved. One way to make the process go more smoothly is by choosing to approach the divorce collaboratively.

A collaborative divorce is one in which both parties agree to work together to resolve any legal issues, including those related to child custody, the property division and essential document sharing. Although there are many advantages to a collaborative divorce, the following five benefits make it particularly appealing:

  1. Less conflict — A collaborative divorce can help ease the emotional strain involved in the divorce process. In addition, it can help facilitate the legal process, ensuring that everything moves along without difficulty or contention. This can result in fewer legal fees and less time spent in court;
  2. Confidentiality — Your personal matters are not aired in an open forum in a collaborative divorce. You decide on sensitive matters outside of court, better protecting your private lives;
  3. Better child time sharing arrangements — When both parents work together, it can be easier to decide on child timesharing arrangements. This works to everybody’s benefit, especially the children; Maintaining existing relationships — By collaborating, you may be able to maintain important relationships, such as those with shared friends, in-laws and relatives without asking them to choose a side; and
  4. Meeting the needs of both spouses — Spouses are more likely to work together to ensure that each other’s needs are met during collaborative divorce proceedings, as well as afterward. This can reduce animosity and help you work together to raise your children in the future.

For valuable legal advice when you’re going through a divorce in the Orlando area, or to learn more about the collaborative process, consult the family law attorneys at McShane and McShane, P.A.

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