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How to Modify a Child Timesharing Agreement in Florida

There are several issues to consider if you are interested in amending a child timesharing agreement, which was previously known as a child custody, in Florida. A child timesharing agreement is typically found within a Parenting Plan. The process of modifying a timesharing schedule comes with a few challenges, but you may be able to overcome them with the right legal support.

All timesharing modifications must go through the courts. No child timesharing arrangement may be modified without a thorough determination of how the material and circumstantial changes might impact the child’s life. The court bases its decision on the overall best interests and impact on the child, and works to establish timesharing arrangements that best serve the child’s welfare.

In some cases, both parents are in agreement regarding the changes they wish to make to their timesharing arrangement. Even though it may seem easier to simply initiate agreed-upon changes without involving the legal system, it is important to document the adjustments to the child’s living situation in detail and register alterations with the court. This is particularly true if the parents plan to relocate with the child or change the child’s schools, as these modifications require a court order.

When parents disagree about their child timesharing arrangement or potential modification, they are both allowed to present their arguments before the court. The court arrives at a decision based on the following factors:

  • What best suits the child’s needs, best interests, and well-being overall;
  • Whether there was a substantial, material, and unanticipated change in circumstances; and Whether the existing arrangement is detrimental to the child’s welfare (such as in cases of abuse or neglect)

If you seek modification to your child custody arrangement in Orlando or elsewhere in Florida, it’s important to secure reliable legal counsel. A family law attorney helps with all phases — from the initial petition to negotiation to any required court appearances. 

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